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We encourage the world to discover the talent of our knifemakers

Vakiano Knives is born to highlight the exquisite craftsmanship of carefully selected artisans who had developed through generations the talent to make wonderful knives.

Carry them everywhere, enjoy a juicy steak with a genuine Argentine knife or complete a wonderful collection.

Find your perfect knife at our store or contact us to get your dreamt knife bespoked by the artisan of your choice.

After 20 years of looking for the finest craftsmen throughout Argentina, our curator, Antonio Martinez Pagola was able to build a team of artisans who diserved to be known by the entire World. All kind of traditional crafts, silvermisth, leather work, knifemaker, saddlery, knitting and more, are now ready to be the face of our region.

We offer the best artisans the necessary resources to develop their art. Our platform is a bridge between their exclusive pieces and the world. We stand by them to create a transparent environment that will allow them a fair compensation for their art and their work.

Infinite Possibilities

Our direct artisan connection means that we can customize exactly what you want.

Our most gorgeous pieces are actually the result of combining our artisan’s talents.

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Worldwide Free Shipping & Free Returns

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