Sterling silver strapped wooden knife

Sterling silver strapped wooden knife

The rounded sterling silver tied hilt, hand finished, is a sample of the artisan’s ability to combine wood and silver strips. The 15 centimeter stainless steel blade is forged to remain unaltered for decades given its great hardness and metallic composition. The hilt is finished with a silver gallonado cap.

Genuine leather sheath.


It has a stainless steel blade of 15 cm long.

A knife with a scalloped wood hilt and twisted silver 925 wires.

The scalloping on the wood is made by hand with a file. Then the wires are placed on and fixed with silver caps that also have a scalloped trimming that follows the design on the hilt.

The sheath is made out of tanned cow leather and the seams are handmade with horse leather strips and sterling silver finishing.



The blade is stainless steel, 15 cm long.


11 cm, scalloped wood hilt and twisted silver 925 wires. 

Artisan: Daniel Escasany

He was born in the city of Buenos Aires in 1961. His great grandfather was Ramón Escasany, one of the founders of “Casa Escasany” which was one of the most important jewelers in Buenos Aires since the beginning of the 20 th century. Daniel keeps alive the tradition of his ancestors in faraway Catalonia of over a century ago. He works exclusively on silverware, and is one of the most renowned craftsmen in Argentina. He has been a silversmith for over forty years and gives technical classes in traditional silversmithing. In 1994 he was awarded a fellowship of the “Argentine National Arts Foundation” in “Folklore Expressions”. In 1995 he deservedly obtained a “Mention” in the First National Competition of Silversmiths, organized by the National Secretariat of Culture. His pieces reflect his experience in the craft as well as the family tradition which has maintained customs and habits of their land of origin.